Monday, March 31, 2008

Great Quote

"Science is the language of the temporal world; love is that of the spiritual world. Man, indeed, describes more than he explains; while the angelic spirit sees and understands. Science saddens man; love enraptures the angel; science is still seeking; love has found. Man judges of nature in relation to itself; the angelic spirit judges of it in relation to heaven. In short to the spirit everything speaks." -Honore' De Balzac

Friday, March 28, 2008

Im turning 30.

30 is a rather ROUND number..does it remind you of anything? Seriously people, I usually dont post pictures of ME. This was actually a request for a "belly" picture. The FP was in the house!!

"FP" is actually a term that Matt and his buddies thunk up when someone is sporting a double chin..and FP stands for "Frog Prince"...which would definately make me a "Frog Princess" in this stage of my pregnancy. To me it represents the enjoyment of eating whatever the heck i want this Happy Birthday to me! Be sure not mistake the shadow for 20 extra pounds.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


One of the FUNNIEST people alive..."Uncle "Jason

One of Matt's dear friends came to visit us this weekend and let me tell you, it was a party. I will get around to posting Easter but Jason will come first. Jason had been a roadtrip for a few weeks visiting friends and he was nice enough to come to Utah to visit our crazy family. I think we showed him a good time. Some of his activities here with us were: staying up ALL NIGHT with Matt on a ride along, going flying (in a plane) with Matt's bro Jon as the pilot over Sundance and Provo Canyon, eating ribs with the fam, snowmobiling in Deer Valley with Matt, eating "the PIE" pizzeria pizza, watching movies VERY late with Matt, Easter with the Hribar clan, miniature golf with my girls, jumping on massive inflatable things at Kangaroo Zoo and being clobbered by my kids who fell in love with Uncle Jason. We love you Jason!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

A Happy Place

As I sit here with my massive growing belly, I am at peace because my weight gain and softness are a result of a growing baby girl. This baby is the most active baby that I have had. It seems as though she wants to get in on the action of our active family. She wants to be a part of the fun. i constantly have thoughts whirling through my head of what it will be like to have her here. But i cant help but wonder how soon I can get back in shape!!! Is that bad? She will be born in the summer and I cant miss out on any summer activities! But the reality is, i will be exhausted from lack of sleep and keeping myself sane. Getting into a bathing suit might be the farthest thing from my mind. But when i see Cancun oh man..I want to get on the treadmill ASAP. By the way, i know this little cliff jump looks wimpy to all of you daredevild out there. But for someone who has a major fear of heights, it was a rush.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I'm not sure why, but I am not the biggest fan of taking my kids picture with Santa or the Easter bunny. There is just something a bit weird/creepy about it. And today's events confirmed that for me. I took my kids to the mall today to go to the play place and the easter bunny was there! But after a few minutes of observation, there was something a little disturbing about the 7 ft. rabbit with dirty and matted fur. The "thing", person or rabbit, hardly moved. Accept for perhaps a 45 degree turn of the head and a weak wave in the direction of the approaching child. I came to the conclusion that it was either A) a 95 year old man who was about to die and the photographer was a part time hospice worker B) an individual who preferred limited movement or enthusiasm in case of overheating in the obnoxious bunny suit or C) the ACTUAL Easter bunny who was coming off of a meth addiction. After the photo op I even casually circled the area and observed no change in behavior. Dont let his smile in the picture fool you, he was as boring as they come.

Monday, March 10, 2008


Tate..A.K.A. Tater-tot, Darth Tater, Mader....i mean really, just look at him! I must admit that I was a little nervous about babysitting someone else's 8 month old. But he practically babysat my kids! Anyways, I love my little nephew.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Matt is funny..

Matt has a friend coming into town this month and today he shared with me a brilliant outing for the both of them. He says " Honey! i just thought of someting really cool that i can do with Jason when he is here! we can take out Jon's horses and go horseback riding in the mountains!" Keep in mind, this would be Matt's second time riding and the first doesnt really count because it was one of those LAME guided tours and the second time it was he and i and his horse took off with him and he almost died. So then I respond " Ummm..thats NOT a good idea..these are someone else's horses and you are not even an equestrian." Then he looks at me bewildered and with some disappointment responds "what is an equestrian?" Exactly my point.

No, he really is so funny!

I feel the need to share some Matt stories since I am lacking for APPROPRIATE South Salt Lake City Police stories. I could blog about some but i might get stalked and shot. Not good. If any of you know Matt, you know that he is excellent at making people laugh. And no one knows this better than his lovely wife. Matt just bought a some tree frogs to add to our collection of bizarre pets because "they remind him of his childhood". Yeeeeaaaahhhh. So these tree frogs eat crickets. But Matt leaves the cage open during the day so it doesnt fog you see where I am going with this? So what does Lori find hopping through the house? Crickets! I asked Matt about this..actually I first yelled at him and told him that it was absolutely unacceptable to have crickets wandering the house. Its bad enough that I have to have frozen rats in the freezer for the snake! So he responds by saying "But honey, think of all the good things crickets have done? There's Jimminy Cricket..Leah likes crickets..." I stopped listening after that. Anyways, even though he can make me crazy, I am convinced the humor will keep me young...and married.

Me? An animal lover? NOOOOOOO.

Can you tell that my life is lacking some excitement because i am blogging about ELK? But really, I found these elk very exciting. Actually, the other day was a really tiring one. You know, no sleep, a rebellious bladder and cranky 2 year old. We had gone to Walmart to get a few things and after AN HOUR as i was paying for my things Leah pees at the checkout...huge puddle..she's soaked. I had just happened to buy paper towels and disinfectant spray and was spraying everything that I possibly could. So long story short, that wsa the soggy straw that broke the camels back....and i needed to get away. i took the kids home to Matt, grabbed the camera and had a photshoot with some ..ELK? Anyways, they are beautiful. I guess you know you are NOT from Utah when you get really excited about an elk farm.