Friday, February 27, 2009


I am sad to report that our TENTH tree frog has escaped and died. Yep, this is the real-life "frogger" goin' down in our household. (Remember that cool Atari game?) But this frog made it the farthest...all of the way to our mudroom...under my coat that happened to be lying on the floor..ack!!! And just guess who always finds these dead, nasty, dried up froggies? Me! Matt is convinced its not gross. I told him that Reese could have picked it up and put it in her mouth and his reply was that "it would be no different than finding an old cracker on the floor..just more protein." Ughh. Well, at least I know what our lesson will be for Family Home Evening this Monday..."Incompetent Pet Owners". Uh, i mean "Frogs in the Spirit World" or "the Resurrection". I will let you know how that goes.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Friday, February 20, 2009

Baby Bye Bye Bye!

I dont hardly ever get the urge to punch someone in the face, but I wanted to punch her. So did Matt.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

The funniest question Leah has asked.

Leah opened my cook book with a diagram like this one, points to the diagram and asks "Mom, where do we live?" I had to tell her that cow was short 41 states.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Magical Moments from Disney World

These are just a few pics from our trip to Orlando. We went to Magic Kingdom, Wild Animal Park, Epcot and Hollywood Studios. We had FIVE fulls days of parks. Three of which we experienced bitter cold weather, which we endured. It was in the 30's at night. But did that stop Matt from taking the girls swimming at 9pm? Nope. I am just going to list some of the highlights...
* Arriving at our resort to find that our room had been upgraded with an extra bedroom, kitchen and w/d!!!
* Watching Matt harass the disney characters..trying to make them break character.
* Listening to Leah say "that was so feakin', feakin', feakin' fun."
* The new Monster's Inc show at the Magic Kingdom is hilarious.
* meeting up with our neighbors and their kids. Also matt's work buddy and his kids.
* We also met a fabulous couple from Canada who we played with. The husband was a cop so Matt and him had much to talk about, while I learned about Canada. :)
* Going swimming at our resort's amazing pool.
*In awe of Reese who managed 3 naps each day among all the over stimulation. And now I know she could survive on graham crackers alone.
* Hanging out with one of my FAVORITE people, Sarah and her family. Playing at Downtown Disney with them, eating 3 huge FREE icecream sundaes and having girl/mom/wife talk in my hotel room with our scrumptious babies while the dad's took the girls swimming.
* Surviving the 3am wake up time for our 7am flight that was almost 5 hours with 3 tired kids.
*Going home and doing NOTHING.