Friday, October 30, 2009

My HOT Date with Donnie Baker

* frost lipstick. check.
* pink legwarmers. check.
* t-shirt that says "im the bomb, like tick tick." check.
* ripped leggings with sequences. check.
* neon plastic jewelry. check.
* my 5 earing holes for my neon hoops still open. check.
* crimped hair with ratted ponytail. check.
* blue eyeshadow with pink glitter. check.
* belt with diamond studded tape cassette belt buckle. check.
* 1984 Michael Jackson magazine as my prop. check.

(And i might add that I was one of two non scandalous costumes there.)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


We have experienced our first snow of this fall and boy, is it exciting! The main goal seems to be to EAT the snow, any way you prefer. Hand-feeding it to younger siblings which is Hayleys method, or just simply eating it off the pumpkins, which is Leah's method. Both methods seem to portray their personalities quite well!

Friday, October 23, 2009

I really, really , really love this man.

Some may know that our actual "courtship" was a long-distance one and VERY short. The majority of people would be SHOCKED if they learned the details. But I knew that I could NOT, absolutely in any way, let him get away.

Thankfully, very thankfully, he felt the same. Really? Me? I look back at pictures of myself as a teenager with my perm and Birkenstocks (scary, right?) and never would have imagined my life as it is now.

Dont get me wrong. I dont like to paint a perfect picture because the reality is you can never get too comfortable in marriage. And i must stop myself from sounding like i am giving advice because surely, i need to be recieving it. I would say my motto would be "what if" because i let the stresses of life get to me and Matt's motto is "whatever". He is alaways reminding me that God has watched over us and we will be okay. I guess that is why we are good together.

I know, without any doubt, God had His eye on both of us, coordinating our lives so that our paths crossed at the perfect time. I highly doubt that God "crosses His fingers" when watching His children stumble through life but i know that He wants us to be happy. I am sure He breathed a sigh of relief when Matt and I finally met. And He continues to watch us, very carefully, hoping that we appreciate His efforts of bringing Matt and I together. The man who married us said that FAILURE WAS NOT AN OPTION. Thats a good thing to remember. Anyways, enough sappiness.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Friday, October 16, 2009

And it continues....

- Last night when Hayley and Leah were coloring , Leah told me she was drawing a picture of Taylor Swift and her boyfriend in bed...ummm...okay.

- Fascinated with the fact that there are mice (ack!!) in our house, after catching mouse #4 and this morning and seeing it squirm on the glue trap asked if we could keep it because it was soo cute. Just a few minutes ago she reminded me of that mouse and described it as "gorgeous".

-And Reese, cute yet destructive Reese, please STOP licking the glass because i am low on windex. Also, licking cotton balls is not a good idea, unless you are Buddy on Elf, then i would say go right ahead.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Cute...yet, perplexing.

I could blog everyday about something Leah says or does and yesterday she was on a roll. Here are a few..

- While watching a Baby Einstein video with Reese which has puppets and real people she asks, "Mom, are those puppets dressed up as people?"

- Her name for Reese yesterday was "Reese Boob".

- Proudly she tells me "mom, i can spell DVD! ...D-V-D!"

-Disappointed that Matt ate all of the crab for dinner, I offered her fish and she asks "whats fish? is it crab?" No Leah, its fish.

Well, the apple doesnt fall far from the tree . The other day after going over to the church, my car wouldnt start. I was able to get it jump started and went home, and thought it was a good idea to let it run to have the battery charge. Well, after bathing the kids, doing the bedtime routine and watching a few shows, Matt turned it off two hours later.

I could probably think of several other examples about how i have a hollow head, but since its hollow i cant think of any more!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Visit From Emily (Hermana Stewart)

A friend from my mission came to visit me this weekend with her husband and kids. Some of the memories we made included watching the show "the Big bang Theory" which is HILARIOUS, a yummy Sunday dinner, catching a baby mouse in my house (which i might add should be a sport because it is very difficult), escaping to Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory for a caramel apple and Downeast to lust after their CUTE clothes! Thanks Emily for talking, laughing, listening and just being you!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Aggie A-Dawg Aggster

My neighbor asked if i could take a few pics of her little girl Aggie. After I was done , i was reminded how much i enjoy it. My friend Sarah, who is an awesome photographer told me to just buy a black sheet and throw it up on your wall and you have your very own "studio". So, voila!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


* Pine-sol . I am addicted. The smell is euphoric to me and it usually means some part of my house is clean and without germies.

*HALLOWEEN -For sure my favorite holiday. 4th of July is a close second. I love that i can hang a "dead foot", as my girls like to call it, and its okay.

* Seeing my girls play WELL together. Sometimes they cant stand eachother but litle do they realize how precious their relationship is and how important they are to eachother.

* The Biggest Loser. I have cried through every episode. Sometimes audibly.

* When Matt wakes from slumber. I love when he emerges from our room peering out into the hall as if he is wondering if its safe to come out into the world of crazy children. This is usually around 2 or 3, right when i can use a little R&R. We will play until he has to go back to work in the pm and now I cant imagine how other women live without their hubbies until 6 or 7!

* Feeding people GOOD food. I love having family or friends over for a meal. Even if its a slice of warm cornbread on a cold day, it makes me happy.

* Finally, my own "a-ha" moments or self-realization when i can clearly see, without feelings of discouragement what i need to improve. Even better, actually improving these things! I have had tid-bits of personal success in the last month or so and it is rejuvinating to me. Watching conference gave me more of these moments.