Monday, January 28, 2008



Today Matt took the girls with him while he got a haircut and I ran an errand. Big mistake. He sent me a picture on my phone of Leah getting her hair wacked! Matt has banned me from even trimming the girls hair because I accidentally gave Hayley a mullet when she was two. But this is Utah and she fit right in. And I am not quite sure how I feel about Leah's new hairstyle. Lets just say if it is styled just right she looks quite similar to Hillary Clinton.


While I was serving my mission in New York, i met some of the greatest people. One of them, Cristy, was from Long Island and she gave me a special gift called "the Cristionary" right before I left serving in the area. It is basically a dictionary of words, terms and phrases that you would use in the ghetto. I know alot of decent people living in New York who could find these words helpful if you feel like you need to fit in in certain areas. By the way, i will type these just as she wrote them. POLICE- 5-0, po-po or one time.. FIXIN'- when you are going to do something..STINKIE- a mean person.. BALLER- a rich person who spends alot of money.. CHICK or SHORTY- is a female..TO CALL SOMEONE A DONUT- means they have nothing in the middle, no brain..STAY UP-also means see you later..SO FRESH, SO CLEAN-means nicely dressed..BRICK- means its cold..CHICKEN HEAD- is a stupid girl..YO BUST IT- means listen to this..FLOSS- means to show off..SCRUB- broke guy..BIRD- broke girl..BEASTIN'- you are over reacting on one thing *****My personal favorites..GET OUT-you need a tic tac.. U KNOW-means you know.. So hopefully you are not "beastin" over my blog because you are a "stinkie" "stay up" and hopefully you dont need to "get out"..."u know"!

Thursday, January 24, 2008


No, i did not have my baby..but we finally have our house! We are absolutely in love and are so happy to have a place we can call our own and raise our little family. The girls are having so much fun. It just feels so good to know this is where we will stay. Our community is great. Hayley's school is being built down the street. There is a park across from our house and a pool, tennis courts and community garden down the block. We have a lake close by where you can fish or rent a paddle boat and today I noticed fabulous hills for sledding. And I am certainly happy that a Target and Costco is just around the corner. So here are some pictures of our home. First front door which i love.

Our family room

This picture was taken from the loft where there are 3 bedrooms. Our bedroom is on the main floor. The house has about 26 huge windows everywhere which I LOVE.

Dining room

the girls eating banana shakes..yum!

my kitchen

Our master bedroom

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

THIS x THREE...for now

ARE THERE ANY BOOKS ON HOW TO RAISE 3 GIRLS IN A ROW?!! Because that is what I am about to do. Yes, the bun in the oven is another girl. We're excited!


I am pretty sure that every person that I laugh at on American Idol will greet me in the next life with a slap in the face. But it is so freakin' hilarious! Sure I am impressed with the good singers but I am absolutely BEWILDERED by some of those people. Who ARE they? WHERE did they come from? WHO is responsible for raising them? WHO are their friends? WHAT on earth do they do when they are alone in a room? And you know Simon is thinking the same thing. At least he showed compassion to Temptress. But did you notice that he did not hug her? And what about the psycho "eye-shadow, Janice Joplin wannabee" who is currently off her meds? Her poor mother. And the deep voice dude...WHAT is up?!? Even Leah was covering her eyes like SHE was embarassed for him. That brings up the subject of laughing at people in front of your young and impressionable children..any advice? Okay, I know it is very WRONG...but that is why this entry has the title it does.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Comforting Comments from my Husband

So Matt likes to start my day off by saying to me this morning " I dont think I want to be a cop forever..if we go to war with Iran, I want to be an Apache pilot."

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


thanks Noelle excellent babysitter who i believe unintentionally introduced me to them.

Age Two is a blast.

Leah, Leah, Leah. The child is crazy..a good crazy, nevertheless, CRAZY. I had Matt get the girls ready and loaded up in the car to go out to dinner while I was running an errand and he tells me to grab a brush because Leah was looking a little homely. So when we get to the restraunt I notice that Leah's hair is soaked in lotion. It appeared as though she had been playing in Crisco or she was going through puberty. And I should know by now that if she locks herself in the bathroom and it is silent for more than 3 minutes than she is up to no good. Well sure enough, I just caught her washing her hair in the sink with handsoap. At least she is concerned with her hygiene.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Have You Tried Skeeball?

This evening Matt and I took the girls to the 4th happiest place on earth..Chuck E Cheese. It was so nice to just be together. Matt is always such a fun Dad even when he has been up for almost 24 hours and his eyes are glazed over. For some reason I am reluctant when it comes to playing games..any games. I get nervous playing Uno. I do not have one competitive bone in my body...not even a sliver...EXCEPT when it comes to out. I have never played golf but I think Skeeball would be like golf for me. I become incredibly focused and i could spend hours doing it. And considering you have to spend a whole QUARTER for 7 balls, it could quite possibly be as expensive as golf..well almost, okay not really. So of course after an excellent round of Skeeball, Matt wanted to challenge me. UGGGHHH. But i won. All of a sudden my self-esteem is based on how many stinkin' tickets came out of the machine. For some sad reason Matt is always shocked when I am really good at something other than vacuuming in incredibly straight lines. Like when he saw me snowboard for the first time. Mind you, I stick to the intermediate slopes and its taken me 7 seasons to become decent. Anyways, that shocked him. So I left Chuck E Cheese with my head held a little higher..Skeeball works wonders.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

It is ALMOST Ours!!!!!!!!!!!!

So we are in the final stages of getting ready to close on our house..there have just been a few glitches in the process and let me tell you, it is TORTURE. We are incredibly ready to be in our own house and be reunited with all of our belongings that have been so lonely and cold in storage. It is very strange that I could miss a piece of furniture so much. I know my kitchen table is just a few pieces of wood that have been put together, but to me, it is a gathering place where bellies are filled, stories are told and people are loved. Cheezy, i know.