Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Will somebody diagnose me please?

So I have asthma. But I was diagnosed with "exercise induced asthma" when i was younger. Strangly, my asthma did not act up at all when i moved to Utah 13 years ago. i only needed my inhaler when i would go back down to California OR if I was going to be anywhere there was a cat. I maybe would use my inhaler 1-2 times a year.

For almost a year now i have been running. I started out running for a few minutes everyday. (I was out very out of shape after I had Reese.) Now i run 3-5 miles a day a few days a week. I have used my inhaler 1 time through all of this.

These last couple of weeks I have noticed my breathing getting worse. This morning was terrible. After 1/2 mile i am not even paying attention to my music because i am waiting for my body to let me fully inhale. Finally i can and i run a little further. My body feels like i am carrying an extra 50 lbs and i am totally sluggish. AND totally frustrated. The absolute STUPID thing is that my inhaler is empty because i was going to eventually get it refilled because i need it like twice a year. I pushed myself to go 1.5 miles until i was light headed and wanted to throw up.
Now i am at the computer and feeling fine but very discouraged. I know, I KNOW. I will get my inhaler refilled ASAP. But really, why all of a sudden? I dont get it.

So how was your morning?

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Good-bye Cheeze Its. Good-bye Life.

Helllllooo South Beach!

Warning: This post will sound totally vain. Most everyone who knows me knows that i am NOT. Vain over what? I mean, really.
But I have hit a plateau. Meaning the #s on the scale have been stuck. I cant complain. I can kind of eat whatever AS LONG AS I run several times a week. But when you stop seeing changes its kind of depressing.
And this is torture because the weather is turning colder and do you know what that means? Warm comfort food. Mash potatoes, stews, bread dipped in soup...must i go on? Not to mention the festive baked goods!
So, no bread, starches, sugar of any kind. No milk even! No fruit even! Just for a couple of weeks.
The funny thing is that i feel great after the first few days of being a BEAST.
So wish me luck. Its also nice to realize that I DO have self-control especially when all of the Halloween candy is staring you in the face!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

This is ABSURD.

As I mentioned before, i have PMS, so my OB recommended taking a birth control pill. Yaz, to be specific. i opened up that little information booklet just for the heck of it and this is what i read.

Risk of developing blood clots.
Heart attacks and strokes.
Gallbladder disease.
Liver Tumors
Cancer of the reproductive organs and breasts.

Besides the vaginal bleeding, fluid retention, depression (WHAT??!!), melasma, other side effects are: nausea, vomiting, change in appetite, headache, nervousness, dizziness, loss of scalphair, rash and vaginal infections.

Soooo. ummm. No thanks, I think i will just go for being depressed 3 days out of 30.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Can i butt you please?

I was asking Hayley about her day at school and who she played with. She told me names of two boys and sometimes they play "can I butt you please." Perplexed, I asked what that game was and she said "Mom, its when you are standing in line and let's say I am behind Nick and i ask if i can butt him, and then i get in front of him!"
"No Hayley, you are suppose to ask if you can butt-in!"
Her eyes became evry big and her response was a thoughtful "oooohhhhh".

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Miss Independant

Dear Reese,
I would like you to take a look at this picture. You belong to a HAPPY family. Well, happy about 95% of the time. But lately you have not been so happy. I understand that you are getting your two front fangs in and that is probably painful. But you did get 4 molars at once and this seems to be much more difficult. Maybe your fingers hurt from chewing on them so much.
I also recognize that you are usually wearing hand me downs. Probably everyday. Is this hurting your identity as favorite child in the family? Is this what its about? An identity crisis? We all do look alike, with the blonde hair and all. People think daddy and i look like brother and sister. So maybe we can weave in some darker extensions for you, so you can stand out a bit.
I also see your frustrations through the physical abuse. i know Leah runs up to you out of no where and slaps you for no reason, but this DOES NOT mean you can slap me across the face. This needs to stop. ASAP. Along with the screaming. I need my ability to hear. Since my eyesight is failing and other body parts are not quite what they were at 20, I would like to be able to hear. Believe me, someday you will be able to talk and express profound gratitude for what an amazing mother I am and I would like to be able to hear those words.
So, maybe we can work on some sign language together and i can buy those videos that teach you how to read when you are like 2 years old. So then you wont be addicted to Dora like some other kid that I know. Even though the pool is closed, i will let you stay in the bath extra long. And i wont make you eat peanut butter and jelly or tasteless mac n cheese while daddy and i eat Cafe Rio.
I will do my best to show you that i still adore you and want to gobble you up everyday. Because i would like to give you a younger sibling to play with, but how things are going right now I might postpone that for a few years. Love ya kid.
Sincerely, MOM

Thursday, September 3, 2009


So take a look at what the cop brought home. There are simply no words to express how I feel about it. Well, there know. He has already ran away once and now I know why the girls were inspired to name him Miles. Reese finally has someone to boss around and she does a good job at it. Good thing he is a rather cute dog. I aint havin no ugly dogs at my house!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Hayley just started first grade. So part of my morning routine includes spending a good half hour with her. Just her. Helping her get dressed, doing her hair, reading to her as she eats her breakfast and making sure she gets to school on time.
This may seem like no big deal to the more seasoned mothers, but its a new and special thing to me to have a quiet household and be able to focus on one child.
I have been trying to read scriptures with Hayley while she eats. Or I try and cram in a mini-gospel lesson hoping that those ideas will be in the back of her head all day and help her. I have not been extremely good at this kind of stuff but i want to be.
But yesterday she said to me before she ran off to the playground " And Mom, no kisses, BECAUSE PEOPLE STARE."
Ughhhh. really? No kisses? None? Nada? And she informed me that walking her to school is not necessary.
My eyes started to burn. But i kept my composure. At least she didnt scream "You are a murderer of love!" like in the movie "Dan in Real Life". Which I am sure happens in real- life. So I guess I am okay. For now.