Tuesday, July 31, 2007



" i DOE PEE!" I go pee

"AHH HA MAMA." I talk to Grandma

"POMPA" grandpa

"AHH WA WOO" I want food

"AHH WA TA YAN!!!" I watch Tarzan (her latest crush)

" AHH COME ON!!" this is what she says if we dont bring her bottle fast enough at bedtime..or anytime for that matter.


Matt: " Hayley..time to go to church so you can go to Primary!"
Hayley: " But I dont like primary! They sing too many songs and it hurts my ears!"

We had not been to church for 2 Sundays and Hayley asked "Mom, are we all done with church?"

While driving in the car one evening "Mom! Why does the moon keep following us!"


Okay, I promise that I do not revel in drama, but this time I cannot resist. My life remains pretty simple most of the time. But July was wacky! Let me just share the drama but then I will relieve you with some good news. HERE IT GOES... trying to pack my house with the stomach flu, move (which is never really fun), car accident, root canal, earthquake while in San Francisco (it was only a 4.2 but did'nt that get your attention?) then I get Larengitis ( how do you spell that anyways?) When I lost my voice I convinced Hayley and Rebecca that I lost it in the house somewhere and they had to find it. They fell for it and ran off searching desperately. HA! Now taht i told you about all of the drama, I must admit that perhaps that I am over reacting.

San Francisco

Just recently Matt, the girls and i just went to San Francisco for a wedding od some good friends of ours. It was a total blast! We went to pier 39 and went to the aquarium and saw the sea lions. It was a very fun trip..minus the LONG car ride with a tempermental 2 year old.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Poor truck

Just when I thought it couldnt get worse!

Okay...so life just got a little scary. After a long day of moving in 100 degree weather, my sister in law Janine and my other sister in law Chloe decided to go get food for the whole family who were helping us move into Matt's Mom 's house in Pleasant Grove. Just about a mile from her house we were T-boned by another vehicle and flipped Janine's Toyota Tundra. I just remember a scream and then being in a whirlwind of glass wondering when the car would stop rolling. It felt like it took forever. As soon as the car stopped, Janine and i crawled out while Chloe was stuck in the passenger seat with a broken Vertabrae and a head injury. She had to be extracated out of the car and life flighted to a hospital in S.L.C. At that point we had no idea how bad her injury was. Janine just had scrapes and bruises and i was okay as well , despite the fact that I was a total MORON and did not have my seat belt on. So I was glad to be okay. The creepy part is that I was so close to driving our PT Cruiser and at the last second for no reason really asked Janine to drive her truck. It could have been fatal if we were in my car. I am just glad we are okay

Friday, July 13, 2007


This will be our home! Actually, our home wont be built until January. But this what it will look like. The picture doesnt even do it justice. It's like a big old farmhouse. I cant wait to have flowers and an American flag flying in the front.
Wow. What a day! So my life is just a little crazy right now. Well, it all started when Matt and i decided to build our dream house out in South Jordan. It has been a long time coming and Matt and i are super excited. BUT, alot has needed to be done. Well, we have had to put our townhouse (where we have been the last year) on the market, which is currently under contract. So today we have been packing our whole house...which I have realized that sometimes we think we are organized until we have to pack up and move and then you realize it is all craziness! But small problemo..I have had the flu yesterday and today and have been completely worthless! Talk about timing! Thank goodness for Matt and my Mom who have been lifesavers. We have also had to sell our other rental property which needed major remodeling so that has also been a project. I am also managing about 10 rental properties. Actually all of this is okay..the hard part is taking your children away from their home and turning their whole world upside down. Poor Hayley has been so scared that we would forget to bring her Barbie toys. it is so fuuny what matters to our sweet kids. Her little toys seem to be her whole world sometimes. Anyways...such is life..one adventure after another!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

If you are wondering about all of these flowers...they are not just any old flowers. When i was at the Nauvoo temple in June, these were just some of the flowers surrounding the temple. i am just a wee bit obsessed with the beauty of a flower..so you may see many.