Wednesday, February 27, 2008

And where are my super MOM powers?

Almost every morning the girls and I will wake up, eat breakfast and they will watch Dora while I get myself together..or I fiddle on the computer for a few minutes. As i walk into the living room where Hayley is laying, I notice her licking her fingers...the obvious clue is the plate of cookies on the counter with the foil wrapping slightly askew. So i ask her if she ate a cookie and she giggles. I tell her that it is not a big deal and that i just want her to be honest. So she goes into a 5 minute explanation of why she would not eat a cookie this hour of the day, which to me is a dead give away that she simply ate the cookie. The problem was not that she ate a cookie, it was that i COULD NOT tell if she was telling me the truth. She was SO convincing. And usually, I feel pretty perceptive. But lets be honest. HOW perceptive do you really need to be with a 4 year old. They are not very good liars. So then i rely on my mommy powers to let me know the luck. You know, those "feelings"..the "intuition"..or "little birdy". WHATEVER. Or maybe they will kick in when something actually matters..probably when she is a TEENAGER.

A Lazy Day

So Leah's hair looked like THIS for the majority of the day...and unfortunately my hair did not look much better. It was just one of those days...

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Just a thought...

My friend's husband is leaving a SECOND time to go over seas and just being with them recently has triggered alot of emotions and memories for me. It was about 5 years ago that Matt left to go to Iraq and be a part of the first convoy up into Baghdad. I was living with my mother in law and pregnant with Hayley. I am sure all of you know someone who has served or is serving in the military. That experience changed me forever. I cant sing the national anthem without getting choked up. I want to hug every Veteran that I see. I NOW know what true brotherhood is. I love the guys that Matt served with because i know WITHOUT A DOUBT that they would have taken a bullet for him. During those few months I would lay on my bed gripped with fear not knowing FOR SURE that he would return. I believed that he would come home but I knew it was a possibility that I might have to hand him over to the Lord regardless of how hard that would be. Neal A Maxwell said " For the faithful,our finest hours are sometimes during or just following our darkest hours." i am sure that i could have had more faith that he Lord would bring him home, but seeing him for the first time was one of my "finest hours".

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Driving Drunk

Can you believe it?! Matt pulled these two over for driving under the influence at Chuck E Cheese. This picture is PROOF that Chuck E Cheese can be a dangerous place.

Sunday, February 17, 2008


I just thought that i would take a moment and blog about how crazy my mind and body can be while I am pregnant. Hopefully you will get a good laugh. First of all, eating pickles wrapped in turkey for breakfast is definately not normal. The good thing is that I have eaten more grapefruit this preganacy than I have in my entire life. My life seems to be ruled by my kids..and then my bladder, which equals..loss of sleep. That might explain the weird dreams. Last night i had a dream that I had not seen Matt in awhile and so I just wanted to cuddle with him..but then he turned into a giant piece of beef..a juicy roast with gravy on it to be exact. So loss of sleep plus weird dreams equals emotional breakdowns to complete strangers in public places. Yes, while I was shopping for maternity clothes my kids were running around in the store totally out of control. The store manager even reprimanded myself and my children. So after a depressing session of trying on maternity clothes scrutinizing every piece of clothing that i managed to put over my expanding waistline, I had had enough. And when i came out of my dressing room, a really nice lady who had compassion on me gave me some words of comfort because she had raised 8 boys. Then came my breakdown and i had tried to convince her that I really am a normal person. But after re-reading this blog entry, maybe I am not..or I am just pregnant!!

Monday, February 11, 2008

A South Salt Lake City Moment

While most people are off in a deep sleep having pleasant dreams, my husband is busy patrolling one of the most messed up cities in Utah. Most of us know that when the sun goes down, the crazies come out. Matt says its even worse when the weather gets warmer..good grief. Anyways, i have decided that i must share some of Matt's stories from work. I will refer to them as SSLC Moments and i will blog as many as humanly possible. The other night Matt arrested a lady who referred to herself as the biggest "crack-_ _" (rhymes with no) in Salt lake. Matt says she was someone straight out of an "In Living Color" episode and apparently she is proud that all of the dealers know her. She even called herself "CRACKALICIOUS" and "CRACKTASTIC". Then she asked Matt if she could take off her wig because her head was itching. (Its 10:22 pm. Matt just called and told me he just pulled a few people out of a car at gun point because it was a stolen car..just another day on the job.) I love my husband.

We Love Our Friends!

The other night Matt and I had some of our favorite couples over for dinner. It was such a fun night. We will miss you Ben.

More Friends!

We miss our old neighbors so much and hopefully we will someday have neighbors as great as them! We love you!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Leah's Prayer

I wish i could write this in Leah's language but that would take all day. Example: Heavenly Father is "Henwy Wader". But here it goes..
Dear Heavenly Father, thank you that I can go to bed, thank you that I could go to Tarzan's treehouse. thank you for Grandma and Grandpa, thank you for Tarzan, thank you for mommy, daddy and Hayley, thank you that Tarzan lives in the jungle, thank you for my blessings, thank you for Nana, thank you for daddy can go to work, thank you for Tarzan. Amen

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Another sweet baby!

Sweet Kaitlyn was born Febuary 4th and is the sweetest baby ever. We are so happy that she is finally here!

A new member of our family!!

this post is long overdue but I just wanted to show everyone my adorable new nephew! Jennifer (Hribar) Jacob just had her FIFTH child and his name is Benjamin Isaac Jacob. We thought Jenn would only produce girls since she comes from a family of mostly girls and her husband has NINE sisters! So this little guy is pretty special.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


For some reason could only type so much in that previous post so here are the rest of the answers to the questions.

Five bad habits (please continue to be my friend after this!)
1. I bite my nails 2. I have no shame licking the bowl after I make cookies 3. I can go to bed with my house being a disaster ( i have more energy in the morning to clean!) 4. I love, love , love soda and will even drink a big old coke once in awhile..or every other day. 5. i use to hide a box of cake mix in the pantry and eat secret spoonfulls when no one was looking. Now I just go to Coldstone and get their cake batter ice cream.
5 jobs that i have had..1.Does being a babysitter count? 2. Expert sandwhich maker at Kelly's Korner in Palos Verdes..YUM. 3. CNA at Old Folks home 4. Retail EXPERT at Old navy 5. I was basically a mother to 8 elderly people at a private assisted living home. I cooked, cleaned, bathed them and did everything. Best job ever. I made each one of them promise me that they would put in a good word for me when they got to the other side. I hope they remembered.
5 Things people would not know about me...
I barely graduated from highschool. I get anxiety in any classroom setting. I am not naturally a kid person and could never run a daycare and i dread being called to the nursey, but i could take care of a hundred old people at once. Wind chimes completely terrify me..I hate the sound. i just figured out that the TAB button on my keyboard moves that flashing line. Did i mention that I am a retard when it comes to computers?

I tag: Lisa, Angie, Sarah, Mckenzie


Where was I ten years ago you ask? I was living at King Henry apartments with the greatest roomates, who i am still friends with to this day. I was trying my hardest to appear as a smart college student..but who was i kidding? I dropped all of my classes and got a promising job at Old Navy.
Five things to do on my to-do list today.. 1. Do laundry (I am half way done) 2. Go to store to get stuff for rice krispy treats 3. Eat all of the rice krispy treats 4. Work with Hayley on her letters and numbers (done) 5. Go to see the premeire of a documentary about Matt's reserve unit in Iraq and see all of his wonderful friends who served our country that i love!

Snacks I enjoy..this might be gross..
1. Wheat Thins with cheese and if I am really naughty i will throw a slice of salami in the mix. 2. Almonds 2. peanuts 3. cheeze-its (only if I have a diet Pepsi near by) 4. HARIBO gummy bears (they have to be HARIBO) 5. rice krispy treats

If I suddenly became a billionaire..I would probably first throw up. But THEN, I would buy a beach house in So Cal and take all of our friends and family to Cancun. I would buy my parents a house and let them play all that they wanted. I would burn all of my clothes and buy new ones. I would give to certain charities and visit 3rd world countries with my kids. I would hope to remain modest and humble only after i bought a really nice BMW.

Friday, February 1, 2008

GOALS...a very scary word for me.

My fabulous friend listed some of her life goals on her blog which ranged from traveling to Europe to eating pizza in bed all day with her husband while watching movies. She encouraged everyone to make some kind of LIST of what they would like to accomplish. I am really only excellent at making grocery lists, so this could be a challenge. Here it goes..

*Have a KILLER body after I pop out all of my kids.
*Run a marathon...even a half marathon will do. (this could be HOW I get my killer body...)
* Raise good-hearted children who sincerely love other people.
*Have a personal wildlife excursion with Jeff Corwin.
*purchase an original James Christensen painting and hang it in my house.
* be a back-up dancer for Gwen Stefani
* start painting again and produce a piece I am in love with
*NOT get skin cancer
This is all I can think of for now. Perhaps I will add to the list...