Friday, April 24, 2009

Just so you know..

This is what it looks like when your child almost bites all the way through their tongue...AND THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO. I guess they wont put stitches in a tongue. Leah fell backwards through a folding chair into another folding chair while at a reception. Her tongue bled but NOT as much as i thought it would. There was lots of screaming and crying for Grandma but some Tylenol and a Barbie movie helped ease the pain. SHE WONT EVEN DRINK CHOCOLATE MILK. And she is running around telling everyone "Look! I have hole in my tongue!" Cute Leah.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

How on earth????

How on earth do you get a decent picture with a squirmy 11 month old? I must admit this was spontaneous, it was dinner time and i was a little frustrated that Leah drenched herself in REALLY strong smelling lavendar vanilla lotion just prior to the photo shoot.

Happy Birthday Matt! I love you more than ever!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Reasons To Love Leah

#1 today you referring to Rees's bib as her boob.
#2 today you called mashed potatoes "mass pachetos"
#3 You told me that your favorite things are birthday cake, taquitos, cousins and pinatas.
#4 You played well with your friend Ella (who you are obsessed with) and hugged her at least 15 times in 2 hours and yelled I love you out the window after we took her home.
#5 You refer to Reese as your "baby head".
#6 you need chocolate milk like i need Diet coke.
#7 you want to call Grandma multiple times a day. Oh wait, so do i.
#8 You tell me how many poops you will have before you even go.
#9 you are ooober affectionate
#10 you can already talk to me like you are a teenager. scary.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


We had a very full weekend with lots of candy, cake, Marines and puke. Leah's birthday was on Easter this year which was a special treat. We had a party with some of her little friends on Friday. Then on Saturday we had about 40+ people over for a Marine Corps reunion BBQ. Unfortunately that night I was a little queezy and the inevitable came, which also passed through the kids, my mom and some cousins who are visiting. VERY SAD. So Easter was a little differant this year. I wasnt so excited to pig out this weekend. But Leah had a blast. I love you Leah!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Monday, April 6, 2009


1. I had been to Hawaii 3 times before i was 14. Dont remember much.
2.I fell down the stairs at prom. It was just one of the larger staircases on the Queen Mary. Yes, I am scarred.
3. I have no desire to ever go to Europe.
4. When i was a kid i use to eat the skin off of the chicken nugget first and then eat the meat. Now i watch my kids do it.
5. I was voted "best dancer" in 8th grade. Heck yes. And i am STILL the best dancer.
6. I have never tried alcohol.
7. But I have tried Diet Pepsi and its a winner! I have a soda everyday and yes, i know its bad for me.
8.I had a picture of Joe Perry, the lead guitarist of Aerosmith, in my locker in grade school.
9.I am allergic to cats and apparently dogs now.
10. My husband Matt is the THE funniest person i know.
11.I am not the brightest crayon in the box. But my mom tells me i have "other gifts" so its okay.
12. Which leads me to say that i barely graduated from highschool and not trying harder in school is my biggest regret.
13.i know this is sad but i am uncomfortable playing with little kids. This is why Matt is so great for me. He is great with kids.
14.I make really good choc chip cookies.
15. Its my dream to go to Martha's Vineyard and sit on the beach dressed in an outfit from J. Crew.
16.I never had braces.
17. I took care of elderly people for a few years and made them promise me they would put in a good word when they died. I hope they remembered.
18.My Granpa's nickname for me was Stinkweed.
19.I wore the same lipstick color for 14 years. I am a little slow in the cosmetic department.
20.I had my first kiss when i was 19 and it was gross.
21. I LOVED giving birth to my girls. LOVED the epidural. LOVED staying in the hospital. Loved the endless supply of Nilla wafers in the hospital.
22. There were very few white people i liked when i was a missionary in New York.
23. I am convinced that it is not "if" but "when" that i will get cancer. Probably skin cancer.
24. I love Haitian and Jamaican food.
25. I still dont understand why I cant be a mermaid part-time.