Saturday, November 24, 2007

A Thought About Pregnancy

WHAT IS UP WITH THAT BOOK "WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN YOU'RE EXPECTING?" It says (pg.135) that I will possibly feel "INSTABILTY COMPARABLE TO PREMENSTRUAL SYNDROME, WHICH MAY INCLUDE IRRITABILITY, MOOD SWINGS, IRRATIONALITY,WEEPINESS"...AND THEN IT SAYS I WILL FEEL "A NEW SENSE OF CALMNESS????!!!" WHO WROTE THIS BOOK? So most of you know that I am expecting a baby. I am at that stage where I just look like I need to do a few sit ups, but if I eat a big meal I can successfully look about 5 months pregnant. So unfortunately, I have just been AWESOME at cleaning my plate.

A Tribute to my Sisters!!

Justa few days ago both of my sisters had birthdays! Catherine's birthday is the day before Jennifer's , so growing up my mom always threw these fabulous parties for them. I just love both of them SO much. Happy Belated Birthday CHICKENS!

Sunday, November 18, 2007


I like this quote. I have seen alot of great people i love through every chapter of my life go through sorrows. And whether they may seem trivial to us, it could be the hardest thing they are experiencing. Everyone has different strengths to handle hardships in different seasons of their lives. A stressful, non-stop, messy house, burn the dinner type day sometimes seems like my absolute breaking point. But then the next day is better. I dont think I have a negative outlook on life, but sorrows WILL come. Very few people go through life without experiecing them. It is a refining experience that hopefully helps us look upward. Boy, what would we do if God went on vacation? Never. He is around, involved, concerned, even when we go about our day in our messy house with our burnt dinner.

A Silly Misunderstanding.

So, I have this friend who I believe, is one of the funniest people I have met. The great thing is, is that she doesnt have to try..she is just FUNNY. And I can never repeat any funny comments from her because the humor is the combination in HOW she says things and her facial expressions. If you have read the slightly embarassing "about me " section on my blog, you will learn that my dream is to "dive with humpbacks"..its true..I must repeat (read carefully) DIVE with know..the giant things that swim around in that big blue place out there...Well, my funny friend must be a speed reader because she thought it said that I wanted to live with hunchbacks..I repeat..LIVE WITH HUNCHBACKS. I am pretty sure she didnt call me for awhile because of this unfortunate misunderstanding. Living with hunchbacks eh? Not so much. Maybe if you are a gypsy and you like really loud bells.

Leah's Boyfriend

As I have mentioned a hundred times before, Leah is STILL obsessed with Tarzan, and going to Tarzan's treehouse at Disneyland didnt help the unhealthy obsession. This was my conversation with her tonight.

Lori: " Leah, why do you love Tarzan so much?"

Leah: " Betus, betus, betus..I wuv him!"

Lori: " Why do you love Grandma so much?"

Leah: " Betus, betus...She has Taryan."
Lori: : Why do you love Grandpa so much"

Leah: " Betus, betus, betus, betus..........betus.....betus...Taryan is weeping (sleeping).



Matt: "Hayley, we are going to your cousins house and they have lots of Barbie movies!"
Hayley: (thrilled..and then she becomes dramatic) " Dad, I am gonna watch a Barbie movie and then I am gonna cry, and then I will watch another one...and then I will take off my skin." (What?! that was a little Hannibal Lector-ish if you ask me.)

Hayley: (pretty upset) "mom, this kid took this book from me and it made me mad!"
Lori: "I am sorry..what book was it?"
Hayley: (practically choking on her tears) "Build the Bobber! "

So Leah is still working on her English. But you know, according to her she speaks perfectly.
Her "S's" dont quite come out, so she will say something like " mom! I can ying yo yong" (I can sing your song)

Friday, November 9, 2007

The HIGHLIGHT of the trip!

Dreams DO Come true!

Just this last week we took a family trip to Southern California to see family, but to also take our kids to magical place where they rip you off left and right...Disneyland! Dont get me wrong, I am not bitter that I spent $14 on TWO balloons or $9 on a plastic Ariel necklace that broke 20 minutes later...its okay...I am getting over it. No really, it was such a fantastic trip. I think Hayley was in shock the whole time, not believing what her little mind was seeing. Or it could of been her recovering from adrenaline rushes from Space Mountain and Big Thunder mountain Railroad. Who knows. And all Leah could think about was Tarzan's treehouse. Could you blame her? Tarzan was LIFE SIZE..he's not bad. I was impressed with the stamina of my kids and how Hayley practically walked a total of 20 miles in 3 days. We were also able to be with Matts sister and her kids, my sister and her family and Matt's mom. It was such a party!


Even I felt honored to be in the same room with him!

Leah..future adrenaline junky



My RHCDS family!

Many of you reading may not know that I attended a small private school in California from Kindergarten to 8th grade and graduated in a class of about 30 kids. So we are quite close and have kept in touch all of these years. I love, love , love these friends. All of them still live in Southern California and we try to get together whenever we can. This trip they were able to meet my girls and that meant so much to me.

BOSCOE! ...need I say more?

So on our trip my girls had quite an interesting experience with my sister Karen's cute little chocolate lab puppy named Boscoe. Apparently this puppy had not played with a 2 year old for quite some time, or never, because he thought Leah was a giant toy and would jump on her any chance that he got. I seriously did not know whether to stress or pee in my pants. Neither did Leah. But she kept wanting to love on him! So our second visit was more of a success. He was much calmer. Leah kept trying to feed him pieces of chalk and marshmellows while she downed a few marshmellows herself. Thanks Karen for the entertainment!

Can you BELIEVE we are sisters???

Chocolate and vanilla, Lamanite and Nephite, Olive skin and Pale skin (wanabee Olive skin), Lou and Judy....

Catherine's Kids

We had some quality time with Catherine and her husband Dave who just recently ditched us in Utah and moved back to California! We made it a priority to eat really yummy food with know, Pat and Oscars and killer sushi. We went to church with them and also played with them at Disneyland.

Visiting my oldest sister...

We also had a wonderful time seeing my sister Krista. She made the most DELICIOUS dinner for us and we were just able to hang out and chat. My girls loved seeing the dogs, playing Pac-man and staring at the pool they were dying to swim in. We saw her hubby Peter and her 2 boys, Jake and Brandon. LOVE THE FAMILY!