Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I seriously cant get over how much Reese looks like Leah when Leah was a newborn. See for yourself.....

Monday, May 26, 2008

My THREE Little Girls!

Reese was born May 23rd and weighed 8 lbs. We are SO happy to have her here!

Monday, May 19, 2008

My Mothers Day Present

My cute Matt planted flowers for me for Mothers day. i am pretty sure this was done at 3 am. I was very, very impressed.

I thought I was looking in the mirror...

Looks like there has been some fooling around on the farm... I am sure grateful that my baby isnt kicking me with its HOOVES..and that i dont have to try and get comfortable on some hard dirt.

A much needed Girls Night Out....

This last Saturday i was able to go out to dinner with some old roomates whom i consider some of the most treasured people in my life. We had such a great time. It is so wonderful to have people in your life who have contributed to the other chapters in your life and who REALLY know you. Even though we dont see eachother very often we can always pick up where we left off, laugh with one another and walk away from just those couple of hours feelings grateful that they have been and will be part of your story. I love you girls!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Let's take a closer look and answer some questions...

Would you think that I am pregnant with twins just by looking at this picture? Probably. Do I want to burn, shred and obliterate every piece of maternity clothing that I have? Absolutely. Will i miss waddling to the bathroom every hour and a half almost every night? Nope. Will i positively throw up just by the thought of someone touching my protruding, extra sensetive belly button? YES, YES and YES. Do i regret addopting Taco Bell's "fourth meal" idea? Yeeaahh. In this picture, was i storing food in my cheeks for later? Maybe. Will the South Beach Diet book become another book of Holy Writ in a month or so? Its very likely. Will Matt get jealous of the quality time i spend with Tony Horton on the P90X workout videos? Yes! Am I worried that my water might break in a public place and that I will hear over a LOUD speaker that "we have an amniotic fluid spill on isle 3!" Uh-huh. Am i excited for a giant needle to go into my back so i dont feel the pain of labor? Heck yes. Am I DYYYING to see my baby's little squished pink face for the first time and hold her close to me? Umm, yeah. Will i hug, kiss and love all over this sweet baby I have been so ecstatic to meet and feel like I want to cry my eyes out? Absolutely and positively. Will all of the waddling, aches , pains, trips to the potty, lack of sleep and weight gain be worth it? YES!!!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

So, Daybreak has a freakin' lake! And its stocked with fish! We took the girls there to other day and they were SUPER excited. They would have dove in if we let them. That is Matt sitting on the dock with them. What a cute dad.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I love my family...

Matt and i had a awesome weekend. It was seriously one party after another. On Friday we had a going away party for a friend who he worked with on the Highway Patrol. we fired up the grill and ate some yummy hamburgers and hotdogs. i think we had almost 18 people over. Then on Saturday we had an early Mothers day celebration with Jenn, Rich and their kids along with Catherine, her son Laird and my mom and dad. And yes , we fired up the grill again and had a fabulous time. Since we had so much food left we had all of Matt's family over which consists of 10 adults and 14 kids. Two words..TOTAL BLAST. I love,love , love being with family and friends. And who can resist a BBQ on a beautiful day? Check out the "exotic" sister Catherine..WHERE did she COME from?