Monday, April 19, 2010


Today my dad came and picked up Leah to take her to "Grandparents Day" at her preschool and then out to lunch. This was an unusual opportunity since Grandma is out of town, it was just Leah and my dad.
And when my dad arrived and got out of his car, Reese went running towards him with her arms outstretched and yelled "Pa!!!!!". And she let him hold her and she nuzzled right into his shoulder.
Now , to anyone else this would have been "cute" or something, but knowing that my dad is in his mid 70s and is accompanied with the aches and pains of being a little older, I thought of a million things. i thought of how my time with my dad is limited. Even if he lives to be 90, that is only 15 years, which is nothing. I thought of how they love their Grandpa but I am so excited for them to appreciate the person that he is and all that he has done in his life. To explain that he was a star athlete and an outstanding student and how fast he could throw a baseball when he was in his prime. I thought of how he was receptive to the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and joined the Church because he was just a good person who wanted to do what was right and wanted his kids to have the Gospel. I thought of how freaking smart he is and still, to this day, i love to pick his brain. I love love love my dad and I am so grateful that he lives close by. I realized that the last 15 years of my life have flown by and in a way, i expect every one else to stay as they are, especially my parents. I DO NOT like the fact that they age too! Isnt that silly?
But the reality is that my family is eternal and that even when we pass on, EVENTUALLY we will be together. I am so grateful for this knowledge. It makes the pathway bright and eases any uncertainty. So for now, i will just be grateful.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Leah's 5th Birthday Party!

We had a birthday party for Leah and all of her friends. I was able to meet some of her preschool friends and see her interact with them. And let me tell you, Leah has this whole other LIFE with these friends! Even though i am her mother and i see the best and worst of her, there is this whole other social dimension of her life. She is confident and funny and knows right where she fits into the world of the 5 year olds.
I have been amazed at her lately..with her ability to remember certain things, her whit and her fire. The fire that comes with its flames of emotion or its determination to consume what it wants. Its really only the fire that a mother can see. And i hope..I HOPE that she can tame that fire and let it light her way to get what she dreams of..hopefully, a good and happy life. But, she is already FIVE..and only five. She is SO strong but also so tender. If i can accomplish raising her and helping her become all that she is then i have conquered the world! Leah is certainly one of a kind.

Monday, April 5, 2010


You would think by looking at this picture that they never fight! Wrong. Its war most of the time. And its taking years off my life!

Strike a Pose

Apparently Reese has become photogenic in the last 4 months. That was the last time that i had a working camera and actually documented the lives of my silly girls. But wow, Reese loves the camera and is quite funny about it. Here are her latest developments:

- Can now climb out of her crib
- can now climb INTO the drier
- can now climb out of the master tub which comes up to her chin so it is quite the climb(especially when her little is as slick as a bar of wet soap)
- open the fridge and get me a diet coke
- stick a Q tip up her nose to her brain

Last night we had a house full of family and friends over for dinner and after dinner a bunch of kids left and went across the street to the park. Shortly after we see Reese make her way across the street by herself headed to the park with someone else's boots on. Its actually pretty scary she can escape so quickly. Usually i know anytime she opens the door but that was an example how they can leave without you knowing. Crazy girl.


So for some reason my photos are having issues! They will not upload properly to FB or Blogger! Help!