Friday, March 12, 2010

RSV and Other Shtuff

I realize that I have been MIA for about a month so i thought i would excite all of my millions of readers with an update! ( To those of you who DO take time to read my blog, i say thank you for caring about this life of Lori Lynn. )


-still no camera but a freaking awesome new computer..we are brand new parents of a MAC and lurve it.
- yesterday when i changed Reese out of her PJ's i found a cell phone in the bottom and 5 pennies in her diaper.
- Hayley is as of 2 hours ago missing her 2 front teeth. She lost one of her front teeth at playgroup tonight. When i asked her previously why she couldnt pull it out she said it was because "it was stuck to her guts".
- Leah is still hilarious/crazy/sweet/intense and is quite the avid prayer. She loves to pray over any meal and would probably pray before drinking something or eating a snack if i told her she had to. The other day she started her prayer with "Dear Heavenly Father, we bow our heads for the church ..." and went on and on.
- Reese. WHERE do i begin? Naughty naughty naughty. She was diagnosed with RSV and an ear infection. This time her sickness was a bit of a scare for me but i must admit i loved the cuddling. Now she is back to cooking non food items in the microwave and walking along our slippery Granite countertops. Vigilance is KEY while parenting that girl.
-Matt has been making movies on our computer, and i must say that I am impressed.
- He says that we are going on a cruise this summer..we'll see. I have a phobia of cruise ships and am a little apprehensive . I know, retarded.
- As for me, does the vacuuming ever end?? There really is too much to say. Its a juggle of accomplishing "lists", being happy, staying calm, being okay if your house explodes because it will eventually get cleaned up AND remembering to PLAY with my kids NOT watch them play.
- AND, the other night i told my mom to rob a store on her way home from my house because she is just TOO good. She is so helpful to me in every way. I love her.