Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween 2010

We had a very eventful Halloween! This is by far my FAVORITE holiday. We did the Halloween train in Lindon with some friends which is always an exciting tradition.We had Uncle Jason come to visit and he brought his lady friend who is now our good friend, Jenna. They were terrific sports about Halloween. They bought some costumes and took our kids trick or treating!
We did Frightmares at Lagoon and we also went to Nightmare on !3th in SLC. Very scary. I almost peed my pants. And apparently i just scream "stop it!!stop it!!!" in a very high pitch tone to which ever creature is scaring me the most.
AND, AND i spent way too much $ on my costume this year. But it was worth EVERY PENNY.
You see, I am known in these parts as "the witch". I am burned into the memories of several small children who have knocked on my door in previous years and this year was certainly unforgettable.
And now i am asking myself "why do i find such enjoyment in channeling my inner witch and scaring the crap out of kids (and teenagers) while the parents are off to the side giggling?"
Who knows. But know this..I am committed to being the hag on Halloween!
Matt was the scarecrow, Leah the unicorn (im afraid she does not share my zeal for dressing up), Hayley was a coffin bride (aka scary chick from the ring), Reese was a witch, Jenna was a vampire and Jason was a coffin groom.


Sara said...

Lori-for some reason I can't find your address...will you e-mail it to me? rangiandsara@verizon.net THanks

wigsybaby said...

Okay, so it's time to update pictures. Do you have a new blog now or something and I didn't get the invite? Has facebook taken over? Do tell. McKenzi