Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Okay, so i must explain why this post is titled "freak out". A few weeks ago my friend was visiting from CA for a photography workshop with an amazing photographer (Wendy with Blue Lily Photography). I received a message late Friday night asking if my little fam could "model" (when can I ever use this word seriously?) for this photography class THE NEXT MORNING. Are you KIDDING ME? AND my friend said "wear bright colors and look TRENDY. Umm, FYI to those who may think they know me..I wear black 4 days out of 7 any time of the year AND i am NOT trendy. I am typically a couple years behind the trends.
So, i took what we had and realized i had to be at Target ASAP the next day because Hayley has grown out of all of her clothes. And YES, i buy 90% of everything from Target.
The last family picture we did took me 3 days and 4 trips to different stores to get he right look. So it is a miracle we pulled it off. So, if you have done family portraits, you understand WHY i was freaking out.
But the BIG freak out came tonight when i was finally able to see our edited pictures. Oh. My. Gosh. Really, this is MY family. I made and birthed these fabulous offspring?? It helps that i have a hottie hubby, thats for sure!
It just makes me HAPPY. So very HAPPY. And to any stranger, we are just your typical family..but to me, i know the laughter and the love , AND CHAOS, that exists within the 5 of us. I love us. Truly, I do.
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Amy Davis said...

Beautiful! You look gorgeous and your family is definitely model worthy, are you kidding?

Kr!sty said...

uh, yeah! I LOVE the curl in your hair...WAY CUTE! do it more! Great pics for your wall :)

Sara said...

BEAUTIFUL! I am actually envious that you had only 12 hours notice- a month is much worse...all I keep doing is changing my mind and our clothes!