Friday, June 25, 2010

On the Farm

Matt and I were able to take our girls back to Illinois to see my Grandma and her beautiful farm. My Grandma is the most impressive 92 year old you can find. She still lives in the house where my mom was raised and just a few blocks from where my Grandma was born. She is surrounded by wide open spaces and she gives a wave to every person who drives by because most likely she knows everyone who does. She has kept many of the toys my mom played with as a little girl which my girls enjoyed playing with also.
We were able to tour Nauvoo and Carthage but when we were on her farm and in her company, i wanted to freeze time. I wanted to catch the moments which are so fleeting. There will never be a time like that again. It was truly something that was sweet and magical. my heart will always long to be in those moments.


noelle said...

so beautiful! it looks like you had a professional photographer come out and follow you around. love your grandma!

Sarie said...

I really wanted to come with you, FYI.

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